Calcio+ (500 g)

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This food supplement contains 10% of calcium in a form that is optimal for its assimilation in the human gastrointestinal tract of the birds. The ingestion of calcium provided in the food depends upon the form in which the calcium is incorporated in the food. The calcium quality in the form of calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, calcium citrate in Calcio+ is easy to absorb. If the calcium is not provided insufficiency by the diet, the body will draw the calcium it needs from the bones, which are fragile

In order to efficiently supplement a healthy diet, Deli Nature have developed Calcio+. This calcium preparation (10% calcium) with extra vitamin D3 (for higher bioavailability) contributes to strong bones and a good egg shell formation.

Instructions for use

In preparation of and during the breeding season: daily 4g per 100g of eggfood.

In case of problems (e.g. calcium deficiency, thin egg shells): daily 6g per 100g of eggfood.



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500 g


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